Interview and Review of my debut EP “Now!” featured on TruthInShredding

My good friend Laurie Monk did an interview and a review from my EP you can read it here.

Quotes Section Updated!

It’s been a while since i put all the amazing quotes from Great Guitarist and Music-related people about my playing, something that really makes me feel honored and really lucky,…

Lucky Licky Lick 5

Lucky Licky Lick 4 In the style of: Rick Graham Rick is definitely one of my biggest influences, i found myself watching his videos over and over again, this is a…

Una clase con Gabriel

Una clase con Gabriel Rondón Todo empezó durante mi examen de admisión a la Universidad El Bosque, donde es bien sabido que trabajo fervorosamente los últimos años de su vida; Yo…

Guitarrosis – Marzo

Le dan Re-Twittear y abajo aparece el link:


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